Video Creation and Marketing

Marmot Inc. loves to tell brand stories by creating unique content through video creation to allow our clients brand to be able to reach out to thousands of people through video marketing.

Video creation and marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target segments. We create YouTube branded content, corporate video stories and explainer videos to help engage with audiences and solve your customer problems and create an emotional connection. We extensively use it to promote your brand, products or services.

American Express – Yabbit

Breville Microwave Launch

Primo National Product Launch

Breville Nicko’s Kitchen

Breville No More Soggy Snacks

Breville Afternoon Snacks

Primo – Bacon and Pea Pasta

Primo – Salami & Asparagus Salad

Primo – A day on the farm

Monex Australia – Managing Director

Monex Australia – International Markets

Monex Australia – Diversification

Axitrader Promotion

The Axitrader Advantage

Avanser Artic Promotion

Avanser Online Call Tracking

Avanser Promotion

It’s simple to get started. What is the Process?

1. Complete the campaign briefing form.

2. We come back to you with a recommendation and plan, including emotional angles
or ‘ways in’ that will sit authentically with each of the communities.

3. You approve or revise accordingly.

4. We get started.

5. We deliver ROI and analytics upon completion.

Yes, send me the campaign briefing form