Oliving by Hans Product Launch

Content Influencer Campaign – Sells out in the first week in Woolworths!

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Product Premise

First in market, product differentiation – A range of smallgoods that have a reduced amount of saturated fats with added Olive Oil to give customers a ‘tastier’ and ‘healthier’ option

Media Challenge

How do we successfully launch this product nationally in a crowded market place capitalising on the YouTube creators and Blogger Influencer communities around Australia? How do we tap into their existing and trusted engagement of their audiences?


Leading YouTube creators and blogger influencers combine to create a unique multi-channel product launch for Oliving by Hans.

Our content influencer campaign works across multiple marketing channels to tell three distinct brand stories about the Hans new range, Harnessing the power of social media, Marmot Inc. orchestrated three episodes – in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney for small groups of bloggers – each featuring a different chef/ renowned food Vlogger and each using the Oliving by Hans range in a live cooking experience.

Chefs include some of Australia’s most sought-after Vloggers, including Jason Pinder from the Simple Cooking Channel (630,000 YouTube subscribers), Bridget Davis (who made Huffington Post’s top 10 Twitter chefs with a Google+ audience of more than 720,000 subscribers), Nicko’s Kitchen (one of the top 10 food Vloggers in the world with 806,000 YouTube subscribers), and SAHM, one of the leading mum blog communities in Australia boasting fantastic engagement on Facebook.

Following the event, bloggers were given a goodie bag of Oliving products and were asked to create their own recipes at home and blog about the results. A video of their event experience was also provided to embed in their post.

By combining their forces, this ground-breaking campaign lets Vloggers and Bloggers tell the Oliving by Hans story their own unique way – adding new dimensions to content creation and giving an authentic voice and distribution to the brand’s marketing mix.


First week in Woolworths they sold out! Over 220,000 video views across the suite of videos created. Massive engagement to build exposure of the new product across all blogs using a cross section of targeted verticals – Mums, Foodies, and Lifestyle genres.

Amongst other favourable stats we achieved over 200,000 Facebook reach amongst our key target audience with hundreds of genuine reader comments on blogs all having an online conversation about the recipe and product.