Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing through video creation is an increasingly important part of your marketing strategy to guide your viewers through your customer life-cycle.

Our INFLUENCER MARKETING SERVICES identify key influencers – bloggers and YouTube stars – and engage them via influencer marketing and influencer events to share ‘real’ stories about your product with their millions of followers.

We specialise in the following influencer marketing industry or verticals – mum or mummy blogs, travel blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Recipe & Food blogs and men focused blogs.

What is Influencer Marketing?

You have your website finished, your product on the shelves, your sales staff waiting and ready, all you need now is more web traffic and leads. In this new online world where banner ads no longer work and Google is constantly changing the rules for SEO making it impossible to keep up, how do Australian business owners and brand managers who are already confused by all the online marketing choices available keep up. These days new customers trust real people, real stories and experiences, and word of mouth from family and friends.

Enter Influencer marketing – where we create powerful and authentic content that helps you generate the attention you deserve. The concept of influencer marketing is simple: create a relationship with people who have credibility and a large targeted audience that your brand has something to offer them and their audience.

By targeting the most influential thought leaders in their specialised niche, a company can generate much larger levels of engagement, inspiration and action than through traditional media. Not only will the influencers send a targeted audience to your website, that targeted audience will begin to listen to your brand’s message through your own online channels.

When influencers choose to talk about your product or service they weave your business into organic sincere content about their real life experiences and the stories spread, like crazy. Influencer marketing is the first step in creating a Social Media voice for your brand that is credible and trusted.

What do we do?

Our job is to act as a influencer marketing network to help brands unlock the potential of influencer partnerships.

  • Strategic – Our bespoke solutions pinpoint your target market including mummy influencers, business, travel or even health blogs – achieving increased traffic and better organic search results.
  • Campaign Management – We connect with the influencers and get things done to give you more time back in your day to do more of what you need to do without worrying about influencer lead generation.
The Opportunity

Connecting with influencers is key to a successful influencer campaign. You want talented, marketing-savvy influencers who have the attention of your target audience and an interest in your products and services. Influencers represent an enormous marketing potential for companies looking to drive targeted traffic to their website or increase brand awareness. The rapid growth of influencer websites has created a unique opportunity for brands, businesses and retailers to expand the reach of their marketing to new audiences. An influencer marketing campaign allows your company to connect with an almost unlimited amount of online partners that are willing and able to promote your products.

How does it work?

Influencers are constantly looking for new topics to discuss on their websites. They need to consistently produce relevant content in order to satisfy their visitors and keep rank within the search engines. One source of content popular for a large group of influencers is product reviews and/or write-ups with product endorsements. This is where an influencer marketing campaign comes in. Marmot inc. have a vast pool of influencers in several different industries available to take part in your campaign. We ask that the brands we partner with provide a product or company review or a write-up in exchange for a modest fee + free product (where relevant) from your company. When they create the blog post/review about your product or service, we require a link from their website to yours. This exchange allows influencers to create new content and for you to increase your brand awareness, obtain direct referral traffic and receive SEO juice.

The Benefits of an Influencer Campaign

Influencer Marketing is where all the marketing forces collide and unite. Social media, PR, SEO, brand awareness and increased traffic equals the ultimate influencer campaign for your business. We believe there is no other medium like it where you can tick all of these key business objectives simultaneously.


  • Highly qualified traffic will be generated from these positive reviews. Potential customers respect the opinions and advice from the blogs they frequent which in turn earns you credibility and a potential customer.
  • The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) value that these types of links generate is tremendous. Google and the other search engines place a premium on these types of links thus increasing your organic ranking for key terms.
  • Brand awareness is created through the blogger generating content around your product and company. These industry blogs generate significant impressions that increase the visibility of your brand to a relevant audience.

What We Do

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It’s simple to get started. What is the Process?

1. Complete the campaign briefing form.

2. We come back to you with a recommendation and plan, including emotional angles
or ‘ways in’ that will sit authentically with each of the communities.

3. You approve or revise accordingly.

4. We get started.

5. We deliver ROI and analytics report upon completion.

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