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The puppy and dog training market hasn’t really evolved since the last 100 years.  In that most people still take their pup to dog training school in the park or at the vet on a Saturday.  This is not suitable for many pet owners since their weekends are already full enough dropping the kids at sports etc., but more importantly many people around Australia actually don’t have dog training near their homes at all, especially in rural areas.


We sat down with Dr Katrina an literally mapped out the plan to disrupt this market on a global scale using technology, the internet and the way customers consume their media/ information / education these days.  Enter Dr Katrina’s Wonderdog School.  The new interactive, online DOG TRAINING PROGRAM, that is set to REVOLUTIONISE dog training in Australia by making it simple, affordable, accessible and fun, giving all owners the opportunity to confidently train and manage their dogs around in their own time and in their own home. 

We were keen to be part of the first of many online innovations set to shake up the pet industry from TV personality and renowned veterinarian, Dr Katrina Warren.

Suitable for all owners of dogs of all ages, the program provides a wealth of practical information, including answers to simple questions and solutions to common everyday problems.  The four-week program provides support via fact sheets, activities, videos and live chat sessions, giving every owner the opportunity to become confident, knowledgeable dog owners with social, well-behaved, happy dogs. 

“Being able to access this information online means that dog owners now have the chance to find a solution to their training problems in real time. That’s something that has never been available before,” says Dr Katrina.


Wonderdog School is now live and is going great guns.  We have had amazing feedback both from customers and professionals in the industry that the program really has something special.

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