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Using a mix of this standout content and killer influencer outreach campaigns across social media, we leverage the power of YouTube stars and top influencers to help make our clients’ brands FAMOUS.

“When making overall purchase decisions, for consumers, blogs trail only behind retail and brand sites. With regard to overall sources for information on the internet, blogs rank among the top five “most trustworthy” sources. According to consumers, blogs are more influential in shaping opinion than Twitter, and when it comes to affecting purchase decisions, more important than Facebook. “

(Technorati Media 2013 Digital Report)

eGrow Your Business and Online Presence

An online campaign in today’s trying times is an extremely potent weapon in your sales and marketing arsenal, and a Blogger Outreach Agency works as a worthy ally. This relatively new way to inform and engage consumers with your brand is the latest way to create trust and build a relationships with your audience. Blogs are the perfect place to tell your brand story. This marketing technique allows companies to connect with customers in a more relaxed and engaged environment. The results work well for all parties involved, the customer, the brand and the blogger – the agency dealing in Blogger Outreach Australia helps all of them connect to ensure they create the right  impact.

Influencer Marketing Agency Remit

Our job as an Australian Influencer Mareketing Agency is based on the following process:

  1. Identify – Top influential blogger communities from various industries
  2. Activate – Create authentic content that resonates with your customers
  3. Distribute – Amplify social content at scale across the web on blogs, Facebook, Twitter
  4. Measure – We track the ROI of your campaign to gauge consumer and social media reach and engagement

We see that the most important part of the blogger outreach agency process is the alignment and matching up of your product/service with pinpointed and niche blogger communities. Because most businesses typically don’t have these existing blogger relationships, they save valuable resources and time by giving us that responsibility. Blogger Outreach Network – Because we know the bloggers personally, it makes reaching out to them quick, easy and strategic.

Technorati Media 2013 Digital Influence Report
The other key decisions when we make a campaign recommendation to you are:

  • How engaged is the audience (typically the smaller the community the more engaged the audience is).
  • What fits with the brand and the influencer.
  • How big are their social media channels.


The services provided by a Blogger Outreach Agency helps create a niche tunnel right into the minds of readers, and it is this connection that directly leads them to your product or service when considering a purchase.

Blogger Outreach is the first step in creating a Social Media voice for your brand that is credible and trusted. Make sure you are getting it right and work directly with the right influential communities.

We have proven results and have numerous successful case studies to be proud of – David Jones, IKEA, Sydney Water and many more.

What We Do

What we do

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Influencer Outreach

Our blogger outreach services identify key influencers in the following industries or verticals – mum or mummy blogs, travel blogs, Lifestyle blogs, Recipe & Food blogs and men focussed blogs.

Video Creation & Distribution

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It’s simple to get started. What is the Process?

1. Complete the campaign briefing form.

2. We come back to you with a recommendation and plan, including emotional angles
or ‘ways in’ that will sit authentically with each of the communities.

3. You approve or revise accordingly.

4. We get started.

5. We deliver ROI and analytics upon completion.

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