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About Marmot Inc.

We are a digital marketing agency that collaborates with leading entrepreneurs and brands who are time poor, and finding it hard

to scale, to sustainably accelerate their lead flow and increase

sales in less than 3 months.

Simon Marmot Founder of Marmot Inc.

Simon Marmot is the founder of a small but nimble full-service digital marketing agency called Marmot Inc. Marketing. He is a Marketing Consultant that is all about building an emotional connection to help fast track the sales process of for his clients brands. Simon has spent the last 25 years in advertising, marketing strategy and sales, and feels fortunate to have had many brand experiences from various sides of the fence that he draws upon each and every day – Agency (Saatchis), Client side, digital marketing, and has ran his own SME for the last 6 years.

Simon’s superpowers are…insight, empathy and strategy! Simon has the ability to understand your customers, identify their struggles, and provide marketing strategy and solutions to their problems, that will help differentiate your business from competitors and provide real value to your customers. Creating a compelling value proposition is the key to a great business and makes marketing easy, and this starts with understanding customer needs. Getting the strategic thinking part done up front then makes the roll out of campaigns more focussed and effective for key stakeholders and results overall.

Simon and his friendly team are currently running several successful multi-channel lead generation campaigns for Australian B2C, and B2B businesses. Simon really knows his stuff and has been lucky enough to work with the NSW Board of Education, David Jones, IKEA and other SME’s in everything from ladders / Attic conversions to Vein Clinics, SAAS software services, FX Brokers, and even consulting to a business coach.

Simon’s Story

I’ve been passionate about both marketing and the online world for a very long time. I gained some serious advertising and marketing credentials over many years working with Saatchi & Saatchi in their Sydney, London and Vietnam offices.

My family own the oldest shirt making business (over 40 years) in Australia called Ganton Shirts, where I started the Bespoke division with my sister back in 2003. From there I went client side as a Marketing Director for years. Firstly, in the Online Trading and FX Currency space, creating the Bell Direct brand from scratch and later helping build the Global Forex Trading (GFT) business into one of the leading foreign exchange providers in Australia.

I launched further into the online and start-up world as founding Head of Marketing for Australia’s number one group buying platform CUDO (NineMSN and Microsoft Partnership), that quickly became officially the fastest growing business in Australia in 2011, where we grew the database from 0 – 1 Million in a year.

From there I was the Marketing Director at Australia’s leading female social media community, working alongside Mia Freedman at Mamamia . It is this role that helped entrench me in the social influencer marketing world and the power of a really engaged community and how this social word of mouth is quickly changing the landscape of marketing globally.

In 2011 I decided it was time to combine my years of advertising and marketing experience with my passion for innovation in the online world, to create a bold new approach.……and  my marketing company was born, and so I named it Marmot Inc. Marketing. A ‘marmot’ is a cute member of the squirrel family and are found in the northern hemisphere mostly in really cold parts of the world like Canadian Rockies and French Alps. I thought this was fun enough to leverage the Marmot Name for one and all!

My experiences in building brands, launching new products and start-up stories successfully combined with big idea creative solutions is what makes me a good Marketing Consultant and long term partner for your business. I know how to create the marketing strategy to ‘outsmart’ not ‘outspend’ the competition, then we go about implementing campaigns to grow and accelerate your lead flow and sales.   

The smart clients who can’t afford a full time Senior Marketing Director get access to my skills, experiences and strategy when they hire me as a Outsourced Part-Time Marketing Consultant or Outsourced CMO which allows me to act as the brand custodian and the conductor in the lead symphony orchestra when handling the entire marketing demands for your business.  

What We Offer

Fed up having weak, inconsistent sales – feasting one month then famine the rest? Using a combination of digital channels simultaneously Simon and his team can help businesses ‘Un-stack the digital maze’ to create a personalised, predictable and solid marketing system that allows constant month on month growth to improve your lead quantity and quality.   Finally stop that feast or famine cycle once and for all.

What Makes Us Different

Most digital marketing companies want to rush into setting up and running campaigns for you.  That is fine but what about the concept of getting your house in order before you start spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns.  We can do the ‘thinking’ and the ‘doing’ i.e. implementation of campaigns based on a brand and strategic vision. This simply means we help you develop a plan to success – where is the business going, and how are we going to get there, which ultimately includes the brand positioning, key messaging, values, personality and a disruptive marketing strategy that acts as our compass to ‘out-think’ not ‘out-spend’ the competition in your industry.

Getting your brand and key messaging in order before you run campaigns simply means the money you spend on any campaigns will work much harder for you and will ultimately give you more clients for less spend in the end.

We use a simple four step process to achieve our goals:

The Marketing Roadmap: 4 Step Process


marketing roadmap

If you want to find out how you too can get a 466% increase with your leads then get in touch today.

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