Why Your Customers Should Dictate Your Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing services are forever expanding and it can be difficult for small businesses and start ups to prioritise where to focus their energy and budget to achieve the best results.

Offerings such as Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing are all fantastic services, but how do you know what is the right mix for your customers?

Focus on the Customer

It is so important to choose a Marketing Agency who can help analyse your customer demographics and provide insights in to how they are using the internet to search for a product or find purchase inspiration.

Think about where the customer might start their path to purchase. Does your product or service have a short or long buying cycle? Is it a product that people need for their every day life and are already informed about, or is it a product that may require a little education and knowledge to help the customer make their decision?

Not everyone’s browsing journey will follow the same path, however with industry-based data and analytics we can start to form some patterns as to how your customers may be using the internet. For example, it is becoming more common for younger generations to purchase after seeing products promoted to them via Instagram and Facebook. However other demographics may turn to Google to start their path to purchase, especially if they are looking for a local service or product they have never purchased before.

With this in mind, start to select your marketing channels and focus your efforts in order of priority as to where the biggest audience sits – or the ‘lowest hanging fruit.’

The morale of the story is to take your strategy to the mediums where your customers are and dedicate your time to doing it well and being a leader in the space. Get your brand famous for something with a certain segment of your audience before you try and be all things to all people.

What’s Your Take?

What channel marketing plans do you have for 2017? What other insights can you share with us around how best to find what channels you should use to get the biggest bang for buck for your marketing dollars?
Do share them in the comments!

About the Author

Simon Marmot is the founder of a small but nimble full service digital and design marketing agency called Marmot Inc. Marketing that’s all about creating emotional connections. They are a marketing consultancy where smart business owners, SME’s and marketing folks can find strategic brand clarity, campaign management, website design & build, and the creation of a bespoke & predictable lead sales funnel to grow their business.

Simon has spent the last 25 years in advertising, marketing and sales and feels fortunate to have had many brand experiences from various sides of the fence that he draws upon each and every day – agency (Saatchis), client side, digital marketing, and has ran his own SME for the last 5 years.

Find out more here www.marmot.com.au

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