Imagine having a sales rep working for you 24 hours a day who never forgets to make follow-up emails with potential clients.  That’s what tools like Mailchimp or Active Campaign can do for you.  Once your potential customer completes the form in exchange for the lead magnet they can be placed automatically in your email autoresponder sequence to receive a series of emails intended to nurture, educate, and ultimately help them decide to do business with you.  It’s not as much work as one would think to set up your own automated nurturing and sales email sequence.  Here we listed six things you need to know before setting one up:

1. Your email sequence shouldn’t be like a sales pitch.  It should not only talk about your company and your products, it should offer relevant and valuable content to your lead in order to nurture them.  Your potential customers can find your sales messaging and products suite online and in the store.  They want you to send them emails that can benefit them in some way, and that create a positive attitude towards your business.

2. Empower your potential customer.  Your automated emails should be customer-centred and give them a good feeling with a view of creating an ‘emotional connection’.  Your emails should therefore be personalised and helpful to your customer – otherwise your emails won’t be read very quickly or at all.  It’s all about content and benefits – use that to improve your conversion rate.

3. Be aware of different triggers.  There are several different occasions to send your customers an email – it starts from introducing the company, following up on a missed purchase (abandoned cart), offering content to a specific pre-defined problem, where they can go to special after-sales page for a follow service.  Map out all the different occasions for your business that would call for an email follow up.  Think about pre, during and post-sales.  What emails would make sense for recently converted leads?  What kind of emails make sense after they make their first purchase with your business?  Make a list and write out various emails that can be sent out automatically that fit your customers current and future situations best.

4. Review the performance of your automated emails on regular basis.  Your strategy for emails could be perfect already, but it’s more likely that you have some flaws that you might want to change in time.  Analyse regularly how well your emails perform and try to improve them continuously.  No strategy can be truly effective without regular review and adjustments.  Make the most out of your automated nurturing and sales email sequence.  Most importantly use the data to help inform your future business decisions.  Track what is working and what is not and go forth and conquer!

5. Don’t make the content too narrow.  If your customer prospect downloaded your free social media post planning template, you might think sending them emails on social media marketing would do the job.  But just think about yourself:  Are you only interested in one topic, or do you operate across different fields and like to hear about more than one of them?  You’d probably chose the latter version, and so would your customers.  Think about other related fields that are probably also within the area of interest of your lead.  People interested in social media marketing might also want to know more about lead generation and customer complaint management.  Offer a better variety of topics, and you won’t lose your lead’s interest.

6. Ask your customers what they’d like to read about.  You can only assume your leads’ interests to a certain extent, but everything beyond that is uncertain.  Send out emails asking about their interests or something about their biggest challenges within your field.  If you follow up on that challenge regularly, you can personalise their experience while letting your sales go through the ceiling.  After all:  It never hurts to ask.

Converting leads into sales isn’t a particularly easy task, and there are several options for getting it done.  Automated nurturing and sales email sequences are one good way to make your sales explode by not spending too much effort on it.  Well prepared and regularly reviewed, email sequences drive and keep customers in your business’s sales pool.  Have you already worked with email sequences? Your Digital Marketing Agency partner or Marketing Consultant should be helping you set this lead nurture funnel up using digital best practice insights as described in this article. How have your experiences been so far?  I’m curious about what you have to say about this topic so FB DM me on or email me on

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