Hey all, I’m here in Brisbane, thought it’d be a good place to shoot some stuff. My hotel’s back there.And today I wanted to talk about the power of emotional connections and how we as humans, we don’t purchase products or services based on price or the product attributes. We actually purchase based on an emotional connection because we’re humans. So let’s talk about what that means for a second.

When I did a University course way back when ’cause I’m old, it was called Consumer Behaviour. And it literally changed my life. It talked about and taught me all around how copy, design, font, imagery can all be collected in our subconscious. And we’ve got this filing cabinet in the back of our brain, let’s call that our central processing unit. And we’ve got big drawers and folders,just like a manila folder and we store information in there for every category or vertical, whether it be Tic Tacs or cars or ice creams, there’s folders in our filing cabinet back here in our subconscious. And oh, I’m just trying not to get run over by a bike. That’s important when shooting a video.

Every time we hear a TV ad or a radio ad or a print ad or talk to our partner or friends about a movie, positive or negative, we’re adding value to each of those folders in our subconscious or taking away the equity from those folders. And when we’re ready to purchase a product or service, we go to our filing cabinet in our subconscious, we search for the folder, we pull out the folder, and the outcome of that folder means that if it’s an ice cream, the one with the most positive value and the most positive vibrations and feelings and emotional connection wins. We literally pull out our wallet and purchase.

…And that’s the power of emotional connections. It’s like fast tracking the sales process. It’s like having a massive unfair advantage to your competitors if you can crack the code.

So, yes, I just wanted to share that with you and hopefully that’s resonated with some of you.

The power of emotional connections, it’s next-level marketing. And I hope you’ve enjoyed today and see you on the other side, thank you.

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