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Creating ’emotional connections’ to help you outsmart not outspend your competition

Want to build the ultimate emotional connection with your customers so you have a supercharged brand that gives you your unfair competitive advantage?


Make your customers fall in love
with authentic storytelling

Emotionally Connected Marketing

Humans are ultimately powered by emotion. Because of this, purchase decisions are ultimately not based on price, but on emotion. As a business we must therefore create an emotional connection with our customers to help them along the buying process. Sure, digital marketing comes into it, but that is just part of the journey!
Businesses need a marketing consultant that understands best practice content marketing to be able to create a strategy that showcases your bespoke brand story – something that is memorable and creates intimacy. Stories are what connect us as humans, and they bring your brand to life.

To create the Brand Strategy that will help you pivot into your magical emotionally connected brand, here are the 5 key tools and insights for you to work through:

Why do brands need an emotional connection?

When you get this piece right, you can literally scale your business 5 x without overspending on your marketing budget since you will become a brand of choice. When you become an emotionally connected brand you are literally changing the playing field within your industry. You are giving yourself leverage over your competitors since they might be advertising on price or product attributes (which you can still do), but now you are competing on a supercharged emotional brand perspective which allows you to outsmart those brands that are competing only on price or product.

Unlock your real potential today so it rains down with leads tomorrow.

What you will learn


Why do customers buy from us? Find out what it takes to fast-track your customer’s “purchase-decision journey”


What does it take to build customer trust for any brand?


Through a quick video tutorial you will learn how to build your brand ‘temple’ where customer will genuinely love, trust and worship your brand


Discover how to tell your real story to you audience


Do you want customer loyalty that lasts? Try our ultimate love-bond brand hack


What does it take to reach the ultimate ‘brand nirvana’?

Why can’t you miss this opportunity?


This is the Ultimate Guide to Building an Emotional Connection with Your Customer (this content cannot be found in one place anywhere else on the net)


We actually give you the strategic tools for you to apply to your own business


Once you get this part of your business right you should be able to create a predictable leads sales funnel and grow sales fast.


No jargon just real insights, examples and packed full of goodness for you to get started immediately.


5 x in-depth videos to help explain how to use each of these exercises so you can get maximum context to apply to your bespoke business, industry and circumstances to get the right outcome fast

About Marmot Inc. Marketing

Marmot Inc. Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that empowers businesses to maximise brand influence, generate leads and drive profits, by leveraging a strategy-first mindset and an intelligent suite of digital best practice tactics and campaigns.

From brand strategy, content marketing, influencer outreach, to video and social media, Marmot Inc. delivers tangible business results in as little as three months.

With a vision to help clients ‘outsmart’ not ‘outspend’ their competition, leading brands like Monex, Invast, Ikea, David Jones and Breville and larger SME’s choose Marmot Inc. for its capability to build a robust and predictable lead sales funnel, while opening fresh opportunities to create deeper, ‘emotional connections’ with customers.

Founded in 2011, Marmot Inc. Marketing is based in Sydney, Australia.

Get your hands on the ultimate guide to building an emotional connection with your customer to help you fast track your brand, increase trust, build sales and accelerate your business